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Free People Blog Feature:

Office Style—Meet Elena

Interview with me on Free People's Bldg. 25 blog about my work as copywriter, personal style + more!

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XoJane: 8 Wardrobe Staples Courtesy Of North Kardashian West

Piece on XoJane featuring the fashion staples I'd totally steal, and have stolen (no shame), from the closet of the world's smallest fashionista — North Kardashian West.

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Personal piece featured on XoJane about my experience with a previous break-up. We all have one of those stories, right?

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Philadelphia Magazine: 14 Charities to Support This Year

Piece on Philadelphia Magazine's site where I asked some notable Philadelphians to recommend their favorite organizations for Philly-focused giving.

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Atlas Steakhouse Blog: Do's & Don'ts Of Anthony Bourdain's Perfect Steak

Piece for the popular NY Steakhouse's blog in honor of the late chef.

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YogiApproved: 5 No-BS Healthy Protein Bars You Need In Your Yoga Bag

Protein bars are little lifesavers packed in a tiny, healthy and nutritional treat. These easy, on-the-go nutrition bars keep you fueled while you squeeze work, yoga sessions and a social life into your busy schedule.