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10 Hacks For Looking Flawless All Day At Work

When it comes to beauty-related emergencies, the struggle can be so real. Many of us have woken up in a cold sweat over the nightmare of forgetting our flatiron on a weekend trip — or have been en route to a date, only to realize we just winged one eye. When adding the many stresses that the working world brings, it's important to be well equipped for all situations to keep yourself feeling flawless.

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How To Handle Relationship Arguments Successfully, According To An Expert

Like many important things in life, relationships don't come with a rule book on how to do things right. (After all, wouldn't everyone appreciate a few tips for steering clear of common ways to ruin a relationship?) One oversight most couples don't even consider, for example, is how to best communicate during a fight (aka conflict resolution in relationships). Learning how to effectively work out issues with your partner can help you both grow stronger and healthier, while building a happier and more meaningful relationship.

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10 Essential Things All Grown-Ass Women Need In Their Apartments

There are things almost anyone can confess to having in their apartment — the things that make it feel like home. Whether it's your comfy decades-old blanket or a pile of old high school T-shirts you only wear to bed, there are certain things you just can't give up. While there's no need to improve your living situation by tossing out your oldies, there are a few additional items that every adult woman should have in her apartment.

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How Celebrities Get Bright & Vibrant Skin With 8 Tricks

Celebrities have a lot of hidden beauty secrets that I'd love to tap into — like how does Whitney Port always have that dewy glow, and how do makeup-loving stars like Katy Perry keep their makeup looking fresh? It's game-changing to learn how celebrities get bright and vibrant skin, but when it comes to skin care hacks, a lot of them are easy tricks you can actually use yourself.

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9 Essential Gadgets For Spending Time Outside When You’re Not An Outdoors Person

Not everyone is "outdoorsy." I'll openly admit that I'd take the concrete jungle over the great outdoors any day (sorry, Mother Nature). But every so often, I do feel like I need to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city. During those rare occasions, I'm grateful for outdoor gear and gadgets that making living a rugged lifestyle more manageable for "indoorsy" people like myself.

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